CGIA is poised to play a critical role for industry all along the central gulf. We are aggressively engaged in the creation of new workforce development programs and in helping to be a central coordination and deployment point for best practices in workforce development in our region. With your help, we will play a major role in upgrading the skills of the existing workforce and in recruiting and developing a new generation of industrial and craft professionals.

Our twice per year wage surveys continue to be a valuable tool and an important member benefit. The recent CGIA General Membership Meeting had an outstanding lineup of industry expert speakers and almost 150 industry leaders in attendance.

Our Website has been completely revamped and is being positioned as the “go to” information and best practice source for owners, contractors, and industry stakeholders.

CGIA is focused on adding value to our members’ businesses, has great energy and momentum, and is growing.

We look forward to your participation in 2014.

Joe Robison

Chevron Pascagoula

President, CGIA

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CLMA Reports

 All dues-paying members should have received a company copy of the Construction Labor Market Analyzer report in the mail late last year.  This is a customized report specifically for the Gulf Coast region, that provides real-time craft labor market intelligence.  A specialized service of the Construction User's Round Table, it enables current and early project workforce planning in a new and unique way so that you can more effectively manage your project labor risk.

Please let us know if you have not received a copy, and we ask that you refrain from distributing this report to non-CGIA members, as this is a unique benefit which we can only provide through your membership in the Central Gulf Industrial Alliance.

CGIA/SAWDC Workforce Development Training Programs Endorsement Review

The Central Gulf Industrial Alliance, in partnership with the  Southwest Alabama Workforce Development Council, has completed its review of 7 workforce development training programs at 4 local community colleges.  

This review process has allowed CGIA staff and CGIA-member Subject Matter Experts to share best practices, identify any challenges or needs a program may have, and act as liaisons between the individual schools, the Alabama Departments of Secondary and Postsecondary Education, business and industry. 

There are numerous ways in which CGIA members can assist these programs and get involved.  The greatest needs include:

  1.   Participation from CGIA members on a program's Advisory Committee, which works to oversee a program's curriculum, tools/equipment list, and assists in placing graduating students into construction craft professional careers.                                                                                                          
  2. Providing students the opportunity for "real-world" knowledge.  This can come in the form of being a guest speaker for a class, allowing students to take a tour of a facility/plant, or even developing an internship/job shadow program.

For more information on ways to become involved, please click on our GET INVOLVED page.

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About Us

The Central Gulf Industrial Alliance (CGIA) provides a forum for users of craft labor to:

  • Share & report labor demand and supply forecasts
  • Enhance the skills and availability of labor
  • Improve industry performance by developing, sharing, promoting best practices in the areas of workforce development

An active business alliance along the Gulf Coast from West Florida to Louisiana, CGIA boasts an involved membership of owner companies with significant industrial construction projects and industrial contractors that provide maintenance and construction labor.


To improve industry performance by developing, sharing, and promoting best practices in the areas of workforce development, work safety, quality, and productivity.


To be the Center of Excellence for knowledge that will help all regional users, both owners and contractors, with workforce development issues.

To collaborate, cooperate, and continuously improve in matters related to industrial craft labor for construction and maintenance.


1. Develop craft labor supply / demand                       data and projections.

2. Act as the regional voice for craft labor            workforce development efforts.

3. Promote regional creative solutions to          minimize the labor in-balances.



2013- 2014 
Board of Directors

Joe Robison, President, Chevron

Eddie Clayton, Vice President, Southern Company

Nik Budney, Gulf Power

Mark Scott, Ingalls

Dwane Brumfield, Taminco

Mike Charlton, Chevron

Bonnie Tully, Evonik

Jill Vinson, SSAB

Woody Burke, SSAB